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Abby Koberstein is, first and foremost, a learner, a listener, and a feeler. She leads with these traits in all aspects of her life including her identity as a scholar. Abby is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Prior to her doctoral program, Abby taught Spanish at an elementary school for six years.  Additionally, Abby earned her principal, director of instruction, and superintendent licenses during her doctoral program. Her experiences in PK-12 public education motivate her to connect her research to PK-12 practitioners. This bridge between practice and research manifests in her dissertation research. Specifically, over the course of an entire school year, Abby studied a small team of white elementary school educators that demonstrate varying commitments to racial equity work to explore how (1) their practices reflect (or do not) their stated commitments as individuals and (2) whether their collective commitment and learning as a team leads to structural shifts in the school to create an educational environment where minoritized learners thrive.